Best Graphics Widens Product Range of Inspection Systems


AUTHOR: John Hower

Best Graphics has expanded our offerings of Inspection Systems from Lake Image Systems!

Lake Image is a prominent provider of inspection solutions in the print industry. The company has cemented its reputation for delivering high-performance quality inspection, data verification, and process control solutions. These are essential for the production of variable data documents, labels, plastic cards, and flexible packaging at high volumes.

Best Graphics will now offer clients (3) of Lake Image’s most popular Inspection Systems: the DISCOVERY MSExpress, DISCOVERY Smart PQ, & DISCOVERY Bindery.

  • MSExpress — Offers variable print inspection from simple code presence to variable print data verification using OCR and sophisticated code reading technology, and can also control equipment with operator alerts, diverts, and equipment stop functionality
  • SmartPQ — Offers advanced print quality inspection, identifying a wide range of print defects like mis-registration, smudges, streaks, and color variations. Suitable for more complex print quality demands and higher-end applications.
  • Bindery — Tailored for bindery departments, it emphasizes the integrity of the finished product, such as correct page sequencing, front/back matching, and collation control. It’s more specialized for booklets, catalogs, and similar applications.

While Best Graphics has been equipping Lake Image Inspection Systems onto our Osako Saddle Stitchers for over a decade, we are proud to now offer a wider ranger of their products.

Give us a call, and ask how we can get you into affordable machines to increase production and reduce costs! We take used equipment trade-ins, too!

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